" Enta Technic produces machines for knitted fabric dyeing and finishing industry for the textile industry. "

Enta Technical Automation Industry Machinery Engineering Industry and Trade Ltd. Ltd. It was established in 2014 to produce fabric dyeing, tube or open width fabric washing, tube fabric fixing and baraban drying machines for the textile finishing industry. The experienced engineer staff of our company consists of people who have worked in the field of textile machinery production in different companies in this sector for many years.

The mission of our company is to produce textile machines that are innovative, technological, efficient and will save energy and water.

First of all, fabric dyeing, open width washing, drum drying and tube fabric fixing machines were produced with designs that make a difference compared to other manufacturers in the Turkish market. Since 2021, machine sales have been made to foreign markets through a partner company. Our international sales have been to countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas.