Fabric Dyeing Machine
Fabric Dyeing Machine
HT PARS, our conventional type pressure machine developed for knitted fabric, can dye heavy weight fabrics such as towels made of single jersey fabric in the range of 120-800gr/m2, knitted with natural and synthetic yarn, with nozzle, J-Box and inner haspel dimensions that can be selected according to the fabric type. Our J-box widths are 200kg-250kg-300kg and our spinneret diameters are 140mm-168mm-220mm. Thanks to the J-Box with its special geometric structure, full capacity fabric can be dyed. In this way, the savings in low liquor and the chemical and energy consumption it creates are at very good levels.
- Avaliable dyeing light or heavy natural and synthetic knitting fabrics (cotton, viscose/modal, PES, PA and with elastane yarn) in different nozzle and J-Box sizes.
- Tensionless and comfort flow in fabric passage.
- Plating system to prevent fabric entanglement.
- More fabric loading with specially designed J-box.
- Avaliable automatic cleaning the filter screen.
- Decreasing the water filling time with reserve tank.
- Saving of water, chemical substances, energy through more fabric loading.
- Saving of electricity and heat energy through special design heating exchanger and In-line main pump with drive.