Fabric Washing Machine
Fabric Washing Machine
EcoWASH, our modular cabin drum machine developed for knitted and woven fabrics, can perform bleaching, post-dye washing, post-printing washing and stenter front degreasing-washing processes with low liquor and strong mechanical washing effect.
- Via specialised cascade design, in knitted fabrics, versatile washing with low tension (scouring process and after fyeing or printing washing).
- Strong spray effect washing on perforated drum.
- Knitted fabrics with elastane run low tension via synchron system that use loadcell instead of dancing roller.
- Production with one passage, repatibility via strong spray washing effect.
- In Washed printing fabric, best fastness of washing and brightness.
- Saving of water, chemical substances, energy through strong spray washing effect, counterflow, low bath liquor.
- Savings of electrical and heat energy due to low bath liquor, special design heating exchanger, motors with drive.